Invitation to EPE 2009 in Barcelona

On behalf of the EPE Conference Committee we sincerely invite you to come to EPE 2009, the 13th International European Power Electronics Conference and Exhibition, to be held in September 2009 in Barcelona. Following the successful previous conferences in Brussels, Grenoble,  Aachen, Florence, Brighton, Seville, Trondheim, Lausanne, Graz, Toulouse, Dresden and Aalborg, this time EPE 2009 will take place in Barcelona, dynamic and representative town of the Mediterranean area.

Europe is a world leader in the field of Power Electronics with well known research and industrial companies and many large academic laboratories in all main European countries. In the past twenty six years, the EPE Conference has grown to become the largest in this field and it draws regularly the foremost technical contributors from industry and academia worldwide.

Power Electronics, as an enabling technology is becoming more and more important and is the basis for many industrial processes, for the rational use of the energy, for new technologies in  individual and mass transportation, areas that are rapidly growing requiring new concepts in order to fulfil cost, reliability, miniaturization as well as environmental requirements. The improvements of Power Semiconductor together with new advanced topologies and embedded systems are pushing Power Electronics towards high switching frequency and smaller, cheaper, and more efficient realisations, opening possibilities for new applications. Due to the new rules published by the EC on the electrical energy production, transport and distribution, and also to the technical problems arising from the interconnection of different kinds of distributed energy production systems, high precision and reliable controllers are needed. Along these ideas, the EPE 2009 will have special tailored sessions of top industrial expert presentations and round table meetings to discuss in depth and focus on future developments in semiconductors, materials and components, topologies and embedded systems. The Conference will complement the regular program with new or emerging topics of particular interest to the power electronics systems community that may also cut across and beyond disciplines traditionally represented.

One of the purposes of this Conference is to provide a possibility to present and discuss about developments in the field of Power Electronics with attendees coming from all over the world. The Conference is a show window, where up-to-date research activities and products are presented. A characteristic trend for the last EPE Conferences has been the increasingly large industrial participation, enhancing exchanges between academia and industry.

We are sure that the atmosphere of Barcelona will provide a stimulating environment for good work and companionship of scientists, engineers from industry and academia and students. By attending the conference, and hopefully adding some extra days with a great variety of possibilities for sightseeing and recreation in and outside Barcelona, you will be able to exchange scientific ideas, obtain information about new developments, extend your business activities and confirm international friendship in charming and pleasant atmosphere. Our town is very accessible by the important international airport linked with the main European cities, and also by motorway and railway connections. Lots of combined transport solutions are possible. A beautiful environment invites to all kinds of excursions and visits Barcelona is one of the few cities whose personality reflects an increasingly clear, yet ever changing and multifarious image. It is a social mosaic all of whose pieces bear the imprint of the slow historical process that has made it unique. Practically all architectural styles are in enchanting harmony and, at the same time, Barcelona is a very modern city hosting a lot of important conferences and business meetings. Even a personage as Don Quixote, not really interested in these kind of events, says in the universal masterpiece of literature of Miguel de Cervantes: “and so I went on straight to Barcelona, the treasure-house of courtesy, haven of strangers,…”. Though nobody, nowadays, will feel himself as stranger in our town.

Founded by the Romans who, during the reign of Emperor Augustus (27 B.C. - 14 AD.), established a new colony, Barcino, on the coastal plain between the Llobregat and Besos rivers, at the meeting point of the country's, major thoroughfares, Barcelona is a two thousand year old city and the capital of Catalonia. Its whole past is projected into its present. In its buildings and streets the story of its growth from ancient times is clearly written. It is the essentially maritime capital of a people of sailors and merchants. In short, it is a characteristic Mediterranean city.

The central part, known nowadays as the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter), though in fact Gothic architecture is also to be found elsewhere, contains most of the buildings where, today, as in the bye gone ages, the major events of the political life of the city take place. The unique and colourful Rambla, also often known as the Rambles, is undoubtedly the most lively part of Barcelona, a good place to get to know the city at close quarters. This varied and spectacular promenade stretches from the very well known Plaça de Catalunya to the harbour.

Painters, architects and all kinds of artists have got inspiration and left a legacy of important creations in Barcelona streets and museums Just to remember, names as Gaudí, Miró, Dalí, Picasso and many others.

Barcelona embraces the sea and the mountains. The seafront stretches from the foot of Montjuic mountain to the district of la Barceloneta and continues along the beaches to the mouth of the river Besos, A view of Barcelona from the sea reveals a natural wall of tree-clad hills which surrounds and protects the city, as well as providing incomparable panoramas.

The new well kept appearance of the city, and its very real presence on the international scene are no mere coincidence: they are the fruit of the unceasing activity of its citizens who advance boldly into the future while remaining faithful lo their past. This activity and dynamism has given rise to its modern industries, high qualified research centres and big and prestigious universities.

We sincerely invite you to come in Barcelona to explore and admire its myriad of facet, wealth of activity and excitement of live, while enjoying our meeting and information and exchanges through the unique international event of EPE 2009 in a pleasant atmosphere.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!

Yours sincerely,

Joan Peracaula
Honorary Chairman

Enrique Dede
Conference Chairman